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New Release 2022

Livin on This Farm

Nashville Studio Mixes

Puttin On The MilesPaul Tweed
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PTB Studio Live Takes

Over the years I just hit record when we are rehearsing.  The following are rehearsal tunes from various years.  Some covers, some originals.  Check back often as I am adding more all the time. 



BarN Sessions Volume One is the work of 6 months of writing and recording in the home studio with son Ben.  Ben handles the drums, Paul everything else.  All the songs are original compositions and were recorded in the converted milk parlor in the barn at home.  Thus the idea BarN.  (pronounced bar - N) for those who haven't stopped by to hang out.  BarN Sessions is a labor of love, a fun romp through a few musical styles, and the opportunity for a dad and son to put some songs out into the world.  

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