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Paul has been writing, playing, and producing music for years.  All the music on this site are original recordings and most of the instrumentation is done by Paul and a few session players on some of the tracks. 

Paul plays solo acoustic shows, duos, and take the full band out on occasion.  Check out the schedule to see what is coming up next. 

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Paul Tweed, Guitars, Vocals

Since the age of 8 the guitar has been close to Paul, somewhere, somehow, someway.  Bands have come and gone, years of bars, clubs, and other venues have disappeared in the rear view mirror, but the guitar has always stuck around.  Music has always been the hobby, the escape. Now it's the next thing, the fun thing, the creative thing.  In all the years as a musician Paul has played guitar, drums, bass, banjo, steel guitar, mandolin, and even the trumpet.  Jazz bands, rock bands, country bands, blues bands, have all been part of the trail covered over the years. 

Bob Whelihan­, Bass


Began playing in 1969. Started in a garage then graduated to teen dances, beer bars and ballrooms. Performed with many groups through the years in the Chippewa Valley. Carnaby Street, Kicks, Debbie Wild and the Sandmen, First Impression, Mickey Larson, Dixie Duffey. Later made the move to Milwaukee and Chicago touring and recording with Rockabilly Hall of Fame member from St. Louis Jules Blattner and the Warren Groovy All Star Band. Traveled extensively US and Canada. Moving back to Eau Claire and was a member with Bigg Grin and Dubiel and the Deafmen and Revolver. Bob has been very blessed to share stages all over with incredibly talented musicians. He is looking forward to be a contributing member with the Paul Tweed Band.

Depending on where and when you see us we are joined by one of two amazing drummers!

Jeff Hadorn--Drums

Jeff has played in bands since high school.  Many bands and many venues around the state of Wisconsin.  Jeff and Paul have played in several lineups since 1987.  Always the rock solid backbone when he is manning the drum throne. 

"Wild Bill" Weiss, Drums

Bill joins us on drums having been with many, many bands throughout the Chippewa Valley area for a few decades.  The "musicians drummer" Bill brings a wide variety of influences to PTB and some great lead and backing vocals.  You can find Bill playing with Howard "Guitar" Leudtke, and other top notch acts in the area when he is not hanging with Paul and Bob.  

For Bookings and More Info: 

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